Greg Kutz has been designing and building as a custom furniture maker since 1994. He is not limited to one type of material as with most metalsmith and furniture makers, making Greg a unique builder of fine furniture. Greg creates his pieces using solid wood, veneers, laminates, steel, stainless steel, and copper.

Just as his materials are varied so are his designs. From art deco pieces for a restoration project in the heart of Historic St. Louis to a traditional oak drop-leaf table for a private residence. Greg has proven that he can design and craft what the client envisions.

When asked what was his most challenging project of his career has been, Greg would have to say it was the Marquette Building Clock in St. Louis Missouri where he collaboratively worked along side St Louis Time and Signal. Using a crane, Greg uninstalled the 10 foot tall 1927 O.B. McClintock Bank clock, brought it to his shop where it required hundreds of man hours to restore it to its original copper and brass beauty. It hangs today on the Marquette Building just as it did in 1927.


Many clients ask Greg how he comes up with his design ideas? He states, that it really depends on the project and setting. Some clients ask him to replicate a piece they may have seen in a showroom while others request a one of a kind original. Designers like to work with Greg because it gives them the unique ability to have their own custom furniture maker and have their ideas created to their specific need or specifications.

Other times it is a piece of material that is just calling out to be used. He enjoys creating and working with traditional materials in ways that are untraditional, like he did when he created the Brighton room divider. Instead of using traditional hinges, Greg shaped the wood itself to allow placement of a stainless pivot rod to create a unique nontraditional hinge.

Greg takes the time while running or cycling around Naples to contemplate new design ideas or to work through fabrication methods of a certain piece. He lives in Naples with his wife Sherry and their three girls.

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