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Artisan & Craftsman: Greg Kutz


Naples Custom Furniture offers full-service design and construction of custom furniture using metal and wood. From the initial design idea to the final product being placed in your home or business, Naples Custom Furniture takes care of everything along each step of the way. For those that are not in need of our design services, we can fabricate from your plans or detailed drawings.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with you or your designer to create the perfect piece for you that reflects your unique style, personality, look and feel.

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How We Build What We Build

To learn more about how your custom furniture is designed and created, visit our Design Process page. Here you will see the progression of starting with a simple sketch that transforms into a finished piece for your home or business. Learn about how the furniture is custom designed and handcrafted by a craftsman and artist that creates beautiful pieces of custom furniture from often unique sources.
Design Process

Commercial Projects

Do you have a large-scale project that is need of custom design and fabrication? Naples Custom Furniture has the experience to handle both Commercial and Residential large-scale fabrication. Some of our past projects include liturgical furnishings, large commercial clocks, wrought-iron handrails and entire staircases.

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Lets schedule a time to meet and discuss your project or idea. Our portfolio lets you view a selection of our past projects that have been completed for Private Clients, Designers and Architects.

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